2nd Equipment Dynamic Magnum Line




4-Commercial treadmills 8800A   All Dynamic Magnum line

3-Ellipticalls 8618A

2-upright bikes 8318LB

2-recumbent bikes 8318WB


Selectorized pin load


1-Leg extension 5001

1-Leg curl 5002

1-Leg press 5203


50081-Low back S108

1-Ab machine 5007

1-Bicep 5011

1-Tricep 5012

1-Lat pull down Lo row combo 2046

1-Chest press 5222

1-Peck-rear delt mach 5036

1-Shoulder press 5214

1-Functional Trainer 2044

Free weights

1-Chest supine bench press plate load BS

1-Chest supine incline press plate load BS

1-Preacher curl A62

1-Dip leg raise A63C

1-Smith machine A48

2-Flat to incline wheels A85

1-Back Extension

1-Press chair

1-Ab bench A61

1-Calf raise BS

Dumbbells 15 pair 5-75 #

1-Dumbell Racks S164

1-ez curl bar collars

2-Weight trees S166


Olympic plates









Equipment Total Costs Is $94, 903


Add tax and shipping costs. Call for exact pricing


Consulting Services are included in this equipment package


Our Consulting package comes with our equipment purchase and includes: One Week of full hands on training at our corp. offices in Adrian, MI. Pre-sale membership sales training, club operations training, equipment training, sales training, staff training and hiring, Etc. We also will help you to negotiate a building for lease or sale terms, fitness center design, location demographics, building improvements and marketing promotions etc. Our staff has over 60 years of combined fitness center experience to help guide you. 2 years of continual guidance and support after initial training.


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