Questions And Answers About Starting A Gym Business With Dynamic

Q-What is the process and steps to opening a new gym with Dynamic?

A-The first step to getting started with Dynamic in opening your new fitness center is

1-Fill out our contact form on the website or call us at #517-902-6701 and talk to a representative. 

2-Once you talk to a representative from Dynamic we will find out more information about you and then we will explain more about  Dynamic’s experiences and systems that we offer, then we will discuss what type of fitness center you are looking to open and what location you want to reserve with us, then we will explain to you our different packages, options, total fitness center pricing costs, budget and financing terms that are available for you from Dynamic

Q-How much money to open a gym business and what are my new fitness center start up costs? 

A-Typically your cost to open a new gym or fitness center can vary from location depending on your lease rental rates and build out construction costs in your area. Dynamic Can work with you to determine fitness center lease and build out costs and to determine a feasable budget for your new health club. Dynamic will work with you every step of the way in area demographics to lease negotiations, fitness center design, fitness equipment layouts and will help you in obtaining financing or leasing, etc. Call Dynamic at 517-902-6701 to discuss your new gym start up costs with you.

Q-How can I compete with other gym franchises with Dynamic?

A-Dynamic does not charge any franchise fees ever, allowing you to have lower overhead to be more competitive in pricing than the competitors!Compare Dynamics services and pricing against the typical gym franchises like the Snap Fitness center franchise, Anytime Fitness franchise, Planet Fitness franchise, Curves franchise, Powerhouse Gym, Gold’s Gym, Contours Fitness, Fitness 19, Fitzone for women etc. and you will learn you are working for them not for yourself like they say, Dynamic is the only non-franchise gym set up were we give you the one on one help and total support and systems you will need in opening your fitness center business literally saving you thousands in franchise fees and royalties! Dynamic Has over 60 years of combined successful fitness center experience to show you how!

Q-How long does it take me to open a gym after contacting Dynamic

A-Typically Dynamic can get you set up in to your new gym and open in about 2-3 months!

Q-What experience does Dynamic Have?

A-Dynamic has over 60 years of combined gym veterans on staff, with a track record of successfull clients across the USA

Q-I don’t have any prior experience running a gym business? Do I need experience to open one?

A-No, you do not have to have prior experience to open a successful gym!, Dynamic will work with you every step of the way in teaching you our proven concepts and systems. We have many customers who are successful gym owners who started out with no prior gym experience!

Q-What type of fitness center does Dynamic offer?

A-We offer Coed 24-7 always open gyms, Ladies only gyms, Etc.

Q-Can Dynamic help me to find a location and building to open a gym?

A-Yes, Dynamic will take a look at the area you want to put a fitness center in and will do a demographics study to guide you in what area location and size gym you should open there. Once you settlle on the area you want Dynamic will then negotiate the best possible leasing terms or building purchase terms that are available to you

Q-How does the Dynamic system compare to the other typicall gym franchises?

A-Dynamic will provide you with the same training, guideance as the typicall franchises with continual support after you open your gym all with no franchise or royalty fees ever, saving you thousands in franchise fees!

Q-Does Dynamic help me in financing or leasing for my new gym?

A-Dynamic can help you to obtain bank financing or leasing

Q-How do we get started with Dynamic?

A-When you contact Dynamic with interest in opening a gym business, we will discuss in detail the type of gym that you are looking to open and Dynamic will then explain to you the general costs in starting a gym business including: Equipment packages, Leasing costs, Club build out costs and Dynamic will go over the different packages that are available to you like our 24-7 gym set up, our co-ed fitness center set up or our ladies only health club packages. Once you agree to the package that you want and sign an agreement with Dynamic, we will then start working on your behalf and share our insider secrets and systems with you

Q-when I start a gym through Dynamic do I have to be the main operator to run the business?

A-No it is your option to either run the gym business yourself or we can help you to hire train a staff for you.

Q-Since Dynamic doesn’t charge franchise fees how does Dynamic generate revenue?

A-Dynamic makes revenues on all of their complete gym start up packages. Dynamic deals directly with it’s sources, manufacturers and suppliers  buying in volume with the best discounts available then passing the savings directly to their customers!

Q-Does Dynamic sell rubber flooring or mirrors?

A-Yes Dynamic sells all styles of rubber flooring including all colors and thickness, rolled out flooring and inter-locking flooring are available. Dynamic also carries a glassless mirror available in many sizes etc. call for details

Q-What type of 24-7 gym package set up does Dynamic Offer?

A-Our 24-7 gym set up comes complete with 2 card readers, 1-outdoors and 1-indoor, 1-photo capture camera to take members pictures, software for your computer including 24-7 gym door access control, pro-shop module, eft and check draft capabilities, 250 start up cards,  4-cameras indoor day and night hi resulotion series, 1-dvr to record up to 3 weeks contnually with internet and smart phone viewing capability, 1-17 inch monitor. You also can order cards with logo

Q-What Does Dynamic Gym Outfitters start up and business hands on training classes offer?

A-When you sign up for a start up gym package training with Dynamic we will teach you the fitness center business completely with a step by step hands on approach at our corporate offices located in Adrian, Michigan at our actual 24/7 fitness center that is open to the public where you will receive actual live setting fitness center operations training and classroom training from our veteran staff of over 60 years of combined fitness center experience teaching you in all areas of the gym business including:

Pre-sale set up, Marketing and sales training, Handling guests Incoming phone call scripts in setting up appointments into your gym, The process to handle new customers when they visit, tour your facility, How to use the forms Dynamic supplies like daysheets, guest register, guest passes, guest refferal forms, club rules, how to fill out membership agreements, 24-7 program data entry, Daily club operations guidance, staff duties outlined, How to put new customers on a work out program, fitness equipment training and maintenance, sales training and closing steps, Membership marketing promotions that work, projections and goals and much more! 

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